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Setia Sales Gallery @ Taman Pelangi Indah, Johor Bahru

With the new acquisition, the existing old sales gallery were torn down to give way to the new image of an international brand. The new sales gallery were designed with the thoughts of internal spatial planning and concepts at the very beginning of the project. The concept of the interior design was to create a sense of openness and grandeur for the gallery. The main focus of the sales gallery was to direct the public to the gallery, and to create a maximum exposure of the product to the visitors. With high ceiling and great depth of space, the full height window was designed to provide ample of day lighting into the gallery area. The harmonious conversation between the window and wall was created by the full height carpentry wall with vertical linings and elements to celebrate the verticality of the double volume space. The double volume height allows the mezzanine space to be placed right on top of the sales office area to create a close interaction between sales and project team. The color tone of the overall space was designed to create a luxurious and elegant tone to the interior. The mixture of marbles, stones, leather, carpets , dark oaks and reflective materials created an extravagant ambiance with modern luxury contemporary style to the sales gallery, which helps uplifting the product to image that the branding and marketing wishes to portray

TPI Sales Gallery: Portfolio
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