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Air Bnb Stay @ Suasana Suites, Johor Bahru

Designed with simplicity, the concept of the design is to deal with the behavior of home-stay user. Having to stay 1 or 2 days during visit to Johor Bahru, we understand that the amount of time spent in rooms is minimal. As a result, the living and dining space shall be prioritized. Based on our experience as user, we usually cramped everyone together at the living room, looking for space to sit around to have a get together. By achieving that, we extended the ledge for TV to the side of the full height window to create a window bay. By that, we created an enclosure within the living space and having more seating on the perimeter of the living room boundary. On the outer perimeter, which is the back of the sofa, we designed a high table dining which faced the focal point of the living area, thus adding more members into the get together. The furniture were designed to be simple and loose.

Suasana Suites: Portfolio
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