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Single Storey Bungalow @ Leisure Farm, Johor Bahru

The project is located in Leisure Farm, Johor Bahru, situated in the heart of Iskandar Malaysia and a mere 30 minutes drive to Singapore. It is a single storey bungalow on a 1 acre land area. The site of the house is on a silent neighbourhood with splendid view of panorama greenery and wide sky. With the client's brief to have a huge pool in the lot, we took the opportunity to create it as the focal point of the house. The house composed of 3 components, forming a u-shaped plan house which appears as if the house was hugging the pool. The first component runs parallel with the entrance of the house which was formed by a long and linear feature wall that keeps the house mysterious from the road. The spaces that tucked behind this great wall are mainly living, dining and kitchen as well as a guest room and maid room. The living and dining area opens up generously to the pool and water feature, exposing the pool coolness to the living area. On the left side of the house, is a row of en-suites rooms which runs perpendicular with the main block provides a sleeping zone away from the main block. The glazed corridor which links the two blocks opens up entirely to the pool, which creates a seamless indoor and outdoor space. On the other side, the rooms open up full height to frame the panoramic green field and sky. The third component is a detached block containing an entertainment room. The entertainment area flows directly onto the deck via slide and fold doors. The decking offers casual seating and sun bathing spots. The pool was designed to be easily accessible from all ends. The central planning design offers interactions for these 3 components, which were linked together by the pool, with abundant glazing on each side parallel with the pool. This also allows rich sunlight and natural ventilation.

Pool House: Portfolio
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