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A Photographer House @ Ecospring, Johor Bahru

A photographer and a make-up artist new home is a playground for framing views and spaces. For an end-lot terraced house, the unit was blessed with ample of sunlight.
Due to the crowded doors that connects the living to kitchen, study room, and toilet, a longitudinal feature full height cabinet was designed to hide away the crowded doors and staircase. This cabinet was highlighted with fine lights shining through the detailed gap of the carpentry. The long cabinet also accentuated by a set of sunken in daybed. This space is perfect for a indirect zone out from the living room.
The family hall at upper floor was reinvented into a make-up room that connects to the master bedroom. Due to the limited size of the master bedroom, the wardrobe has to be designed as an island cabinet that created a narrow walkway connecting to the bed frame area.
The division also fits perfectly to client's brief to isolate the bed area from the make-up area. This is due to the make-up session that frequently invites their visitor into the bedroom. The materials, tones and color selections were carefully kept to a minimal style.
The existing tiles flooring were covered with new timber vinyls to control the tone of the interior space to minimal. The minimalism and bright mood of the interior fits into a photographer and make-up artist philosophy of work, where lights and clarity is the essence of their work, and their life.

Frame House: Portfolio
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