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Sky Estadia Show Unit @ Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru

In the effort to showcase an apartment unit to potential client, planning of space and an eye-catching elements are the essential elements to fit the show unit to its full purpose. In this 3 bedroom apartment unit, the architect designed the open plan space with an entrance spliting the kitchen from living and dining area. The living room opens to a squarish balcony, which can be accessed from both living and kitchen area. A marble bartop was designed together with the kitchen top to set a contemporary, clean and minimalist design. Upon entering the main door, the visitor will be greeted by an avant garde feature wall that stretched along living and dining area. The wall waa inspired by a setting of sea and mountain range. The mountain terrain was explored using timber strips in veneer finished. Voids between strips were carefully positioned to create shades to the mountain range profile. Some strips was trimmed by chamfered edge to create forest trees effect. The natural veins from the marble created a fluid pattern that mimic the sea. The veins were joint throughout the length of living and dining, thus creating a series of horizontal waves that were parallel with the mountain range. The mountainous timber strip and sea of marble were lighted up to create a spectacular full length art piece feature wall. The entrance to the 3 bedrooms were nicely hidden behind the feature wall, leaving the dining and living wall clean from any access or passageway. The entrance door was also camoflouged in black tone to blend in with the black tinted glass at dining area.

Estadia Type C: Portfolio
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