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Commissioned by a young couple, the brief was not complicated nor typical. With just the occupancy of 2 members, the intermediate terraced house was bigger than enough for the newly wed. The concept for the interior design was to resolve the daylight issue that occurs to most of intermediate terraced housing in Malaysia.
With that, the bedroom at ground floor was taken down to allow a semi outdoor patio at the back of the house, which was separated with a glass panel door adjacent to the dining area. The dining space cum dry kitchen is now illuminated with ample of natural daylight and cross ventilation.
As a young couple, the living room was kept compacted with a comfy 3 seater sofa and a simple and minimal tv console. The living area was linearly connected with a 6 seater solid wood dining table and quartz stone breakfast table. A concrete ledge was designed next to the dining table for casual seating during friends visit.
The staircase were carefully treated with vertical timber panel to hide the staggering line of the staircase, which does not interact well with the other elements.
At the front, the entrance was altered to have the main door at the side and a patio was created outside the living room. The new patio was layered by a new perforated panel which act as a grill and privacy screening. With this, the sliding door can be constantly open to create a maximum cross ventilation for the ground floor space.
On the upper floor, the family room was converted to a walk in wardrobe with ample of daylight from the top hung window above. The master bedroom was carefully treated with carpentry to celebrate the a-frame ceiling provided by the Architects's design.
The overall tone and color was kept minimal and light. A mixture of light timber, raw cement, and white stones were chosen to create a minimalism and contemporary ambience which fits in perfectly with the simplicity of the new layout space planning

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